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The 21st Century is the age of culture
Culture is national power and tourism resources of
which added value is infinite.

Chungju is the heart of glorious Jungwon culture and at the same time the center of the Korean Peninsula.
As the birthplace of Taekkyeon that is state-designated important intangible cultural property and was listed as a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage of humanity, Chungju has become a mecca of martial arts along with Chungju World Martial Arts Festival which world martial arts and culture get joined together in good harmony.

Under the theme of the E​ncounter of world martial arts and culture, the domestic and foreign martial arts teams having high standard including 55 members from 39 countries, member organizations of World Martial Arts Union will participate in Chungju World Martial Arts Festival that UNESCO has supported for 5 years running to show a variety of martial arts performances and provide visitors themselves with an opportunity to experience or learn martial arts, which makes the festival more exciting.

This year's festival is attempted to make a big change by newly supplemented contents, more focusing on martial arts.

Hoping to meet many tourists from every corner of the country and abroad at the festival in addition to fans who love the martial arts, I will strive with all my might work as hard as I can to make Chungju World Martial Arts Festival newer and more powerful, meeting your expectations actively.

The Chairman of Chungju World Martial Arts Festival Committee
CHO, Kil Hyoung